• Cannolis served on a plate
  • Speck pizza on a wooden pizza board
  • Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina served on a plate

About us

“Vico” derived its name from a small town in Southern Italy named Vico Equense, sometimes referred to as the “Gateway to the Amalfi Coast.”  Being directly across from Monte Vesuvio, Vico Equense is rich with the same soil as the San Marzano area, which is why the city was chosen to represent all of Southern Italy in the first UNESCO award for City of Gastronomy.  Not only is Vico Equense is home to the most famous and top chefs of Italy, such as Antonino Cannavacciuolo, Peppe GuidaGennaro Esposito (and many, many others), you will also find 7 Michelin rated restaurants, over 400+  gastronomic businesses and dozens of food events, such as Festa a Vico, a 3 day event where all the top chefs of Italy gather to share the most wonderful food you could imagine . This is why my family wanted to bring the “Vico” experience to Farmingdale. 

We aim to share the cherished memories of our childhood and the essence of cooking with Nonna. It was here that I learned the significance of the food we savor and endeavored to preserve her treasured recipes. Her response to my queries about ingredient quantities was always "Quanto basta," which translates to "Just enough." Our belief is that fewer ingredients in our dishes result in more intense flavors for your enjoyment. Our recipes embrace simplicity with no need for an excessive 6 or 7 ingredients, as we create dishes that are both light and invigorating. 

In our culinary journey, we stay true to Italy's culinary standards to retain the natural freshness and flavors of our dishes. Our commitment means we never incorporate artificial flavorings, colorings, or preservatives, nor do we use corn syrups in any of our beverages. Furthermore, we take pride in guaranteeing that none of our offerings contain GMO fruits, vegetables, or processed seed oils. In fact, we're among the few restaurants in the United States to make this promise. Our olive oil, frying oil, flour, and sauce are all imported from Italy, while our meat, seafood, produce, and dairy are sourced locally. We strive to replicate the culinary experiences that we find when we visit the Amalfi Coast.  


We are one of the only restaurants in the United States that can proudly say we are 100% free of harmful seed oils, artificial flavoring, preservatives, sweeteners and corn syrup!